Summer and The Height of Flying Insect Season-Wasps and Hornets

With the wonderful warm start of summer also comes to start of the horrible flying insect season. Wasps, Hornets, Flies, Boxelder Bugs, Elm Seed Bugs, and many others start to hatch out and start becoming a pesky problem to homes and residents. Flying insects, such as the Wasp and Hornet, can horribly invade structors and quickly and easily claim them as their own. Once a nest starts being built in early spring it will continue to grow all summer long as the colony grows with it and hatch outs occur during the year. Thousands of Wasps and Hornets can live amongst one single nest, causing a potential problem that can easily start to spiral out of control. Wasps and Hornets are especially dangerous for the many whom are allergic to their sting, and many stings at once can even become life-threatening for the victim. Wasps and Hornets generally like to build their nests and colonies in the peaks and eaves of residents homes. This is why we also treat those areas and work to knock down your Wasps nest when we do a treatment on your home. Once the spot where the nest were have been treated, the Wasps and Hornets will generally not be likely to build there again, thus helping to keep your home pest free and your children and pests safe from the potential hazards of a sting. We also do treatments for Mud Wasps, and Burrowing Wasps. These Wasps can be harder to detect since they tend to build their nests in the ground, often times in wood or dirt. Mud Wasps will also build their nests along structures, and because their nests tend to look different from what we know as a traditional “Wasp Nest” many residents don’t even realize they may have a nest on their home until the problem gets out of control. Remember, it is always better to practice prevention rather than having to treat later for a much larger specific problem. Through the use of prevention we can catch these spots early on and get to them before the colonies become bigger and stronger heading into later summer. Late summer to early fall is when Wasps and Hornets are are their highest swarming stages and when they tend to behave the most aggressively towards people. This is why we always suggest getting a jump on them before they jump on you and starting your summer off right so that you can enjoy a pest free season much sooner.

Wasp and nest. Provided by Accurate Technician, Kyle Hosteen.

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