Rodent Season

As the cold winter months are rolling in, and less and less insects and spiders are being seen as they go doormat, there is still one critter that can still be commonly seen during the winter in your home: rodent. Mice and rats are commonly seen in homes during the winter time, as these rodent are looking for shelter and a warm place to nest much like insects and spiders are. The House Mouse is the most commonly seen mouse living amongst peoples homes. It can be gray, light brown, or black in color and will do whatever it needs to do to survive in its environment. Many people are surprised to see rodents in their home and will often times wonder how they could have possibly gotten in. Rodents are very small creatures, with bodies that can contort, mold, and become incredibly thin. This makes them capable of squeezing into even the tightest of cracks, holes, voids, and spaces around the foundation of your home. Mice and rats carry diseases of all kinds and are especially dangerous if you have small children or pets, as a bit could cause serious illness. We treat for rodent all year round and can keep your home pest free with a preventative rodent treatment, or possible extermination if you are already seeing them running round. Call us today to see what we can do for you as these cold winter months are drawing near, and learn what it means to live a pest free life all year round! 

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