Box Elder Bug

Box Elder and Elm Seed Bugs

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            The first insects we see every early spring are Boxelder and Elm Seed Bugs. We are sure you have probably seen them as well flying around in your back yards and showing you that insects are starting to come out of dormancy. Boxelder bugs are always something we have […]

Meal Moth

Keeping Your Home Meal-Moth Free

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Moths of all kinds can be potential pests, but the Indian Meal-moth stands high above the rest because of its potential for the destruction of your food. These flying insects can infest your pantry and food storage by biting through plastic and cardboard, feeding off of your grains, flour, cereals, etc., thus creating a cause […]

Black Widow

The Height of Black Widow Season

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It’s that time of year again, Black Widow season! We tend to find that around early fall, late August to September, is the time of year when spiders of all species are more prevalent and more often¬†spotted by home owners; the Black Widow is no exception to this. As the¬†temperatures start dropping, Black Widows look […]



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Hi, my name is Sidney! I am daughter to Tony and Susie Miller; founders and owners of Accurate Pest Control. I, too, am a licensed exterminator, along with my brother Christian, and husband Kyle. I am going to be blogging about interesting topics, common questions we receive from clients (along with answers), and valuable things […]