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Meet Kyle!

Kyle has been employed with Accurate Pest Control for 7 years now and started working with the Accurate family after he married Tony and Susie’s daughter, Sidney.

Kyle is a master technician, exterminator, and termite licensed. He comes from a background in management and customer service, and is down to his core a people pleaser who wants to help others in anyway he can. In fact, he recently graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree in psychology because he loves working with people and wants to find answers to human happiness and overall satisfied lives. Kyle is an observer and has always had a fascination for finding solutions to problems. He strives to find the main source of a pest issue that a customer is facing by searching high and low for colonies and nurseries. Some of his most favorite pest challenges include ants and earwigs, as he is able to search for the main sight that the pests may be coming and forging from. Kyle is also the man behind the camera, taking all of Accurate’s pest photos and providing us with a pest catalog that is completely original to our company. In Kyle’s free time he enjoys painting, photography, reading, spending time with his new baby girl, dog, and wife, and going on excursions where he gets to observe and see new things. When it comes to pest control, Kyle’s main goals are to find the source of a customers pest issue, while also providing them with a genuine and honest service, where the customer knows that they can trust us and the services provided. It is important to him to make sure that customers keep coming back to us because we took the time to take care of the issues they were facing and provided them with the highest quality service possible.

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