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Meet Christian!

Christian is the son of Tony and Susie Miller and has been working for Accurate Pest Control for the past 3 years. He is the youngest of the Accurate family and truly grew up in the business. Accurate was founded when he was just three years old and has always been a part of his life. All Christian has ever know his parents doing is pest control and running their own business. As soon as Christian graduated from high school, turned 18 years old, and could legally become a licensed exterminator, he did. He always knew that he would be a part of his families business and that one day he wanted to become an owner himself and be able to pass the business down to his own family.

Christian is outgoing, fun, and full of life. He learned all of the customer service skills he knows from spending years and years listening to his parents answer phone calls, speak with customers, and schedule/perform services. Christian’s dad would teach him about insects and the best preventative measures customers can take, while his mom would teach him how to effectively communicate with our customers and build lasting connections. Now Christian goes into his work everyday with the goal of providing effective, long-term, lasting trust and service towards our business for our customers. Some of Christian’s most favorite jobs to go out on are those that deal with stinging insects and the removal of their nests. He finds it exciting to be able to find solutions that provide our customers with an environment that is enjoyable and livable, without having to worry about children, pets, or home-owners getting stung when they are spending time outside. He also loves that the physical removal of wasp/hornet nests is something a customer can see right away and provides instant gratification towards their service. In Christian’s free time he enjoys doing anything outdoors or active, golfing, swimming, going on vacations, spending time with his friends and family, and anything that involves cars, including going to car shows, learning about old muscle cars, and driving his own Dodge Challenger around town. Christian really has grown up learning about the tricks of our trade from a very young age and prides himself on providing our customers with a friendly family business demeanor that cares about your family as much as we care about our own, while proving you with lasting effectiveness and results with each treatment.


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