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Keeping Your Home Meal-Moth Free

Moths of all kinds can be potential pests, but the Indian Meal-moth stands high above the rest because of its potential for the destruction of your food. These flying insects can infest your pantry and food storage by biting through plastic and cardboard, feeding off of your grains, flour, cereals, etc., thus creating a cause for concern. The best way to prevent an Indian Meal-moth infestation is 1) Using regular pest control treatments on your home, and 2) keeping your food in hard, sealed containers, and keeping a clean, crumb free pantry. Taking all of these actions can prevent you from ever having an infestation in the first place. A female Indian Meal-moth can lay a maximum of 400 eggs that hatch in just a matter of weeks. That means you could literally have thousands of Meal-moths in your food storage if the females keep reproducing and the infestation goes untreated. This infestation is not something you want to try to tackle on your own and you will need professionals to get the job done. Call us today if you’ve noticed these little guys in your food storage and/or pantries and start living pest free today!

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