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How To Prepare For Your Pest Free Treatment

We often get asked by our customers, “What are some things I can do to prepare for my preventative/exterminating treatment?” As a company that strives to give you the very best service possible, it is important to prepare for your treatment before your exterminator arrives at your home. This will insure that you get the most effective treatment, longevity, and control from insects, spiders, and rodents out of your service. During the spring, summer, and fall months, we use something called a power sprayer on the outside of your home. This gives the most effective treatment as it lays down a sufficient amount of product, covering the foundation of your home and reaching up to your eaves. Your garage is also included as part of an outside treatment, so preparing here is important as well.

Firstly, when preparing for an outside treatment, it is important to make sure all of your windows and doors are closed. This will insure our product doesn’t get inside of your home when we are treating around your windows, shutters, and eaves. On this note, we often get asked if customers should get their windows cleaned before or after their service, and we always recommend after, since it is possible that your windows may get wet during service since we treat around them to prevent spiders and insects from getting inside of your home.

Secondly, you will want to pull any furniture, toys, pet bowls, things that you don’t want to get wet, etc., away from the foundation of your home, so that we can effectively treat around your foundation, porch, window-wells, and doors.

Thirdly, you will want to do the same in your garage, by simply pulling things away from the walls and leaving your garage open, so that when we get there it is ready for treatment. You don’t have to completely remove your items from the outside of your home or your garage, just pull them about a foot away from the walls so that we can get behind them.

Preparing for an inside treatment is similar to an outside treatment. The most important and helpful thing that one can do, that really helps us help you, is to pull items away from the walls, make sure your window-seals don’t have any items on them, and leave your blinds open a bit so that we can treat the window-seals. An inside treatment consists of your exterminator treating along your baseboards and window-seals, so to get the very best treatment possible the more access we have to your baseboards the better. Again, your don’t have to completely remove your items or pull them away too far, just enough so that we can get behind them and have access to your baseboards and doors. Since the products that we use are non-toxic to humans/pets and fumigant-free, you can leave your windows closed and there is no need to open them, this will also eliminate the worry of closing them if you are getting both the inside and the outside of your home treated.

Lastly, although our products are people-safe and pet-friendly, we do ask (if possible) for pets be put into a create or dog runner while we preform your treatment, simply so that your loved pets do not step in the product until it is completely dry, which generally only takes about an hour or two, sometimes way less on very hot days! We always want to give our customers the very best service and treatment out there, and by helping us by getting prepared for your service we can better apply your treatment and guarantee your service, so that you can start living a pest free life much sooner!

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