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Get a Jump on them Before they Jump on You!

With the relatively warm winter we have had here in Utah this season, spiders and insects of all kinds will be coming out of the wood-work sooner than we would expect with a much colder winter season. March-April are the hatch out months, and this is when spiders and insects come out of dormancy. This is when you will start seeing movement again from spiders and insects of all kinds. The warmer weather allows them to start breaking free from their nests and egg-sacks sooner, and if you get your seasonal spray before the insects emerge from their egg sacks, turn into nymphs, larva, or pupa you will be at a much greater advantage. By getting your home treated before the hot months arrive, you will notice that your spider and insect problems will never really turn into problems at all, because you treated your home before they were ever able to reach their adult stages and start reproducing again. By deciding to wait until after these spiders and insects have fully emerged, you may find that you will have a much larger problem on your hands and infestation all together, than if you had decided to treat your home early. So, make sure you give us a call to get your spring treatment done, and get a jump on them before they jump on you!

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