Fall is Spider Season

Photo of Spider provided by Accurate Technician, Kyle Hosteen.

Summer has just about come and gone, and fall lies just around the corner. With the changing of the seasons you will tend to see either more insects and spiders or less. Fall is one of those seasons where spiders really start to get noticed by residents. As the temperatures cool down spiders are looking for a nice, warm home to spend the winter season. Usually, this nice, warm home is your home. This is why spiders are noticed so much more by residents when the temperatures drop. What happens is you are noticing them more because they are entering your home instead of staying outside as they have been all summer long. Spiders have a vast supply of food during the summer months, but once temperatures drop there becomes an absence of insects of all kinds since they are seeking dormancy as well. For this reason, you can expect to find the scary 8 legged arachnid amongst your home, simply in search of food, shelter, and dryness all winter long. It is best to get your fall treatment done before you notice spiders entering into your home. Because of this, we recommend getting your treatment in September before the temperatures drop too much. We always recommend a good outside treatment of your home; however, if you are noticing spiders and insects inside your home as well we recommend both an indoor and an outdoor treatment to be completely pest free during those winter months. No one wants spiders living in their home. They can be poisonous, harm you, your family members, and your pets, and become a real problem quite quickly. Give us a call and get a jump on them today, before they jump on you!



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