Ants-The Unwanted Guests At Your Backyard BBQ

The height of summer time; a great time to get outdoors, enjoy family and friends, and have outdoor get-togethers. One unwanted pest that can ruin it all is the ant. Ants love to be around areas that have crumbs and food particles around. This means having a nice summer-time BBQ can bring ants to your home. There, they will build their colonies and expand rapidly by the hundreds to thousands. Before you know it, you have an ant infestation on your hands, and those future BBQ’s you have been planning could potentially be problematic now. Ants tend to always stay with their colonies, working for the queen by bringing her food and debris to the nesting sight. The “Workers” in the ant colonies are the ones who leave the nest in search of this food. The “Queen” tends to stay below the ground, covered by dirt, inside of the ant tunnel. She reproduces and spends her lifetime supporting the larvae. You may have seen flying ants as well; these ants can be either male or female, and the male ants will fly to the female ants to reproduce. Ants can be very troublesome pests because their colonies can literally consist of thousands of individuals, and they will do whatever is necessary to support their queen, including entering into your home to get food. Sometimes ants are easy to spot, and you can see an ant mound right on your porch or in your backyard. However, sometimes ant nests can be more difficult to spot as ants are great at hiding and can fit into very tight spaces. Because of this, you will often find the ant nursery and breeding ground under rocks or wood, and atop dirt. This can make it very hard for homeowners to understand if they have an infestation because they know they are seeing ants (as they come out and scavenge for food) but they do not physically see their nests. If you are starting to notice some ants in your home, or at your backyard BBQ, this means you have an ant colony not too far away and you need to get your home treated before the colony grows even larger.  If you have one ant, chances are you really have hundreds or even thousands. Get a jump on them before they jump on you, and enjoy more backyard BBQ’s this summer!

Photo of Ants provided by Accurate Technician, Kyle Hosteen.
Photo of Ant provided by Accurate Technician, Kyle Hosteen.

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